Born and raised in Wisconsin, Sammy Arechar is an accomplished poet and a prolific wedding DJ. His sense of humor and his stage presence that’s often described as “personified chicken salad” has landed him gigs performing at such venues as the Steppenwolf Theatre, The Barrymore Theatre, and Turner Hall Ballroom; along with festivals such as the NBCUniversal & Second City’s Break Out Fest, The 3rd Annual 26th Annual AV Club & Onion Comedy Festival, RIOT LA, Bridgetown, High Plains Comedy Festival, the 2014 Comedy Exposition of Chicago, and the Limestone Comedy Festival. Arechar has also been featured on MTV’s Wonderland.

His hobbies, along with telling jokes on stage, are looking handsome, seeing what’s on TV, and seeing what’s in the fridge.

“Sammy Arechar: Hilarious. Original. Clever. Silly. All in a huggable package.“
– Baron Vaughn

“[Arechar]’s affable, charming stage persona makes him the kind of performer audiences see themselves befriending. But Arechar’s comedy is far from pedestrian; his signature bit involves beatboxing his way through a three-minute pizza order.”
– Time Out Chicago

“It’s only a matter of time before Milwaukeeans are going to proudly proclaim “he’s from here”. Arechar has appeared alongside Lizzo on MTV, DJed a Zucchini Festival, and opened for an impressive cast of known comic commodities that includes Garfunkel And Oates, Moshe Kasher, Matt Braunger, Ari Shaffir, and many more. If you didn’t know him when he lived in Milwaukee, learn the name now because he’s bound for bigger things.”
– Milwaukee Record

all photos taken by Sarah Larson Photography